Barcelona 2006-2007

Under this name will be a site where you can find some electronic and software projects related to my hobbies
like astronomy, rc planes, slot cars, model railroad, vaccum robots, weather stations, and much more.
These projects will be explained as far as I could and they will be available in English and later in Catalan and Spanish.

I hope to begin with one of my best projects. It's about to computerize a telescope Celestron Celestar 8'' de Luxe.
This project was done four years ago and now I'm working on a new version that involves new and appreciated
dsPIC  digital signal microcontrollers.

All hardware projects with microcontrollers has been developed using a TopMax  programmer from EEtools.
It's one of the best universal device programmer in the world and it's one of the first that supports new dsPIC,
specifically dsPIC30xx  microcontroler family from Microchip   since 11/21/2006.